I never remembered my LJ account's password... until now. SOBS LOUDLY i'm not a big fan of LJ but I guess one or two post would do. I guess.

To commemorate this day I'm gonna sing along to Hyorin's Falling (fuck this is such a good song okbye)

howcouldyoudothistomehyorinnnn i thought you were going to release something more like Sistar's latest album.... candypop or artsypop or whatever like that but you throw me this ballad how can i refuse i cannot refuse such goodness


Errrrr, I've never used LJ before. Well, now that tumblr *almost* dominates the world, most people choose tumblr over LJ or blogspot or wordpress. I'm gonna keep this LJ probably to search for icons or wallpapers. LJ is the greatest source for fanart.

Hopefully people wouldn't mind if I added them as friends and found that I have no post entry (but this) at all. It's not that I don't have anything to post, but i'm more a reader and a commenter than a news provider. So, I'm sorry guys, really. I hope I can make great comments in your LJ/blog/tumblr/whatever out there.

See you til the next post..
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